December PCR Advisor Update

Hello Our Lovely PCR Advisors!!

Hope you are all had a nice Hanukkah and have fun plans for New Years!! Enjoy any time off!! Please read this email carefully so that you don’t miss any important information!

Here are some important updates from the Regional Office –

**SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 2010: Advisor Training and Get Together – It will be at the AJU in Bel Air from 1pm-3pm. If you have never been to an advisor training – now is the time!! Even if you have attended an advisor training in the past, it is still important to be there! Please let us know whether or not you will be joining us!!!

**SUNDAY, JANUARY 17th – MONDAY, JANUARY 18th, 2010: SoCal Supreme!!!! It will be at the Anaheim Marriott (same location as Chapter Congress I and II). Programming will begin at 1pm on Sunday afternoon and will end on Monday (MLK day) at 3pm. Buses will be leaving their locations around 11am on Sunday.

This program will include:
– AIT/MIT for any members that have joined since June 2009
– Sisterhood/Fraternity Overnight (AZA/BBG Education and Bonding)
– MLK Day of Service on Monday

Things to report back to your chapters:
– Scholarship is available based on financial NEED and is LIMITED! Scholarship forms are due January 4th. Have them contact us for more info!
– Registration closes on January, 8th – they MUST be signed up before this date to attend
– All of their forms MUST be turned into the office by January 8th. Fax: 323.931.0811. If they attended BOTC, we only need Pro4 and Pro5 (2nd and 3rd attachments). If they did NOT attend BOTC, we need ALL of the forms!
– Cost for teens: $125

More details to come!!

**SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20th, 2010: BIG BASKETBALL BBYO BONANZA!!! This is going to be a great event!!! It will begin with Havdallah on the rooftop terrace of the Staples Center, then we will watch the Clippers game. After the game, we have reserved the basketball court for a BBYO and Teen Connection (6th-8th grade) dance!!

Things to report back to your chapters:
– Cost: $30 until January 31st. Starting February 1st, the cost is $45.
– This will be a great program for recruitment! It is open to ANY Jewish 6th-12th grade teen, not just members!

**FRIDAY, MARCH 19th – SUNDAY, MARCH 21st, 2010: SoCal Kallah!! This will be taking place in San Diego. More details to come!

**SUNDAY, APRIL 11th, 2010: Chapter Congress IV at the AJU in Bel Air

**FRIDAY, MAY 28th – MONDAY, MAY 31st, 2010: SoCal Convention!! At the AJU in Bel Air


Do you have teens in your chapter that would be GREAT for BBYO Summer Programs??
Is there a teen in your chapter who is an aspiring leader? Let us know so we can get them to CLTC or ILTC this summer!! There is plenty of scholarship available for these programs, both internationally and locally!


If your chapter Godol/N’siah has NOT yet sent us the new chapter board – please have them do this ASAP!! We would like everyone to have Dashboard access who needs it!

We are still in need of advisors in the following areas. If you know anyone that you think would love a volunteer opportunity like this, please let us know. Thanks!
– Redondo Beach (Ashrey BBG and Galilee AZA)
– Culver City (Sand n Sea BBG)
– Mission Viejo (Chaverot Sababa BBG)

Thank you for all of your hard work! We appreciate it so much!

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Becca & Steven


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